Main Features

Kidpick breaks new ground, both as a unique market entrant with thriving potential, and as an inspired way of combining digital media content and software to provide a gamified, community-building, learning experience.

Kidpick fills a significant market gap and is the first platform tailored to help children in their search for kid-friendly restaurants and attractions – think “Trip Advisor” for kids, by kids.

  • Discover

    A feature that enables kids to explore other kids’ reviews, curated by recommendations that reflect their profile “favorites.”

  • Check In

    A simple step for kids to “check in” at the venue and start their review.

  • Collect Points

    Each review completed on Kidpick allows kids to earn points towards exciting rewards.

  • Social Share

    Kidpick allows kids to share reviews across multiple social media channels.

  • YouTube and TikTok

    Our YouTube and TikTok channels provide videos of “behind the scenes” looks at venues and is an excellent promotional tool for Kidpick.

  • Privacy and Safety

    The Kidpick platform does not collect any personal information about its users, the kids.

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Who Is Our Audience?


Engaging pre-teens aged 8-13 to share their opinions on a fun, safe, and informative platform and be heard by other peers.


Providing parents with the opportunity to approve their kids’ use of this safe and fun app.


Providing restaurants and attraction venues with the opportunity to increase online reviews and drive traffic to their location.

Built for Market

If you run a restaurant that serves meals to make kids smile, we want to work with you! Kidpick introduces an easy way to put your restaurant on every kids’ foodie-map, inspiring more families to experience what you have to offer, and keep them coming back! As a member of Kidpick, you’ll have the opportunity to promote special offers and coupons in real time through our platform.

  • Customer reviews increase traffic and revenue.
  • Leverage the power of social media to gain ratings as an inexpensive marketing tool.
  • Ratings play a huge role in consumer decision-making, with kids having a major influence over family outings for meals and attractions.
  • Kidpick is the first and only platform for kids to rate and share their experiences… make sure they have the chance to rate your venue!

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Kidpick is an easy-to-use app that engages kids to share their opinions!

Frequently Asked Questions

Kidpick is an entertaining and informative new app that works with companion social media sites for pre-teens (aged 8 to 13). It engages them in a cooperative adventure with their peers to try out, rate, and choose cultural experiences within a rich interactive media environment.

We are currently developing the Android version of Kidpick. This will be released by the upcoming winter.

As parents, protecting our kid’s privacy is very important.The Kidpick platform won’t collect any personal information about the children. The kids will be registered though their parents email address. They will choose a nickname, no option for entering first or last name, no phone number, address or any type of personal information. There will be no option to share users’ photos, audio files or videos.

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