Product Overview

VoluTeens represents a transformative pivot from Kidpick, evolving into a comprehensive and unique youth volunteer placement platform. This shift realigns the app’s focus from venue reviews to facilitating meaningful community engagement and volunteerism among youth. VoluTeens stands out in the digital landscape by blending the social vibrancy and gamified excitement of its predecessor with the noble purpose of fostering social responsibility and community service in young individuals.

Unique Selling Proposition (USP): VoluTeens differentiates itself through its distinctive amalgamation of youth-centric design, gamification, and social networking, specifically calibrated to resonate with and sustain the interest of younger users in volunteer activities. Its USP lies in creating an engaging, interactive, and rewarding volunteering experience, tailored to the preferences and lifestyle of the modern, tech-savvy teenager.

Foundation and Transformation: Building on the robust foundation of Kidpick, known for engaging young audiences, VoluTeens repurposes this established platform to channel youthful enthusiasm towards community service. This pivot involves an extensive redesign, focusing on adapting Kidpick’s user-friendly interface, social connectivity, and gamified elements to facilitate and enhance the volunteering experience for teens.

  • Discover

    Browse our streamlined database for a range of volunteering opportunities, sorted by interest, skill, schedule, and location, perfect for teens.

  • Info

    Explore different volunteering locations, types, essential details, and contact information, all at your fingertips.

  • Calendar

    Teens can easily spot open volunteer slots and schedule their participation with just a few taps.

  • Check in

    The teen is checking in at the location, take a photo and  review.

  • Collect Points

    VoluTeens integrates a rewards system, where points earned through volunteer activities can be redeemed for various incentives, fostering a continuous engagement loop.

  • Social Share

    The VolunTeens App enables teens to post their volunteering experiences on popular social platforms such as TikTok and Instagram.

  • Instagram/TikTok Feeds

    Tap the channel icon to view the latest clips from our TikTok and Instagram feeds.

  • Privacy and Safety

    The VolunTeens App won’t collect any personal information about the users.

Market Analysis

Youth volunteerism is on the rise, with digital platforms playing a key role. 

VoluTeens taps into this growing trend by offering a platform that resonates with tech-savvy teens. 


Our target market is the Gen Z demographic, a group eager to make a difference in their communities.


According to research released by the British Heart Foundation, Gen Z is more likely to have volunteered than any other age group. Nearly half of Gen Z has volunteered, and almost 25% say they are currently serving.

Product Development Plan

Leveraging Kidpick's Foundation

Utilizing Kidpick’s existing infrastructure for a swift and cost-effective pivot to VoluTeens, significantly reducing development time and budget.

Initial Focus on iOS

Concentrating on releasing an iOS version first, integrating unique features like emoji ratings and social media reels.

Android Version Development

Plans to expand accessibility with an Android version, reaching a broader audience.

AI Enhancements: Transforming User Experience

Integrating AI for personalized content, predictive trends, impact measurement, and enhanced user support.

Marketing and Outreach Strategy

Digital and Social Media Marketing

Leveraging platforms like Instagram and TikTok to engage the youth audience, using targeted ads and creative content.

Influencer Collaborations

Partnering with youth influencers and community leaders to amplify reach and authenticity.

School and Youth Organization Partnerships:

Collaborating with educational institutions and youth groups for direct engagement and promotion within these communities.

Corporate Sponsor Campaigns

Collaborate with brands like Coca-Cola on joint campaigns, merging their CSR goals with VoluTeens’ mission for powerful co-branded marketing.

VolunTeens App Screenshots

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